50% fewer case exceptions and RFIs (No more MT199)

Be a transaction enabler

Since trust is the foundation of international financial relationships, the result is missed opportunities to forge profitable connections with new partners. Tenurex enables bilateral relationship-based banking to work together seamlessly, one transaction at a time, allowing you to establish additional correspondent banking connections.

Increase efficiency, reduce costs

Traditional manual and time-consuming processes can be replaced. TenureX can assist with compliance and due diligence by providing APIs and enriched information about transfers.

Control the transfers flow

Tenurex provide banks and their partners with structured execution processes and transfer-based matching, resulting in:

  • Greater predictability of costs, time, and dangers associated with clearing wire transfers
  • Control over the whole transfer flow in real-time
  • More predictability about the price of the wire transfer
  • Reduced overall fees and costs

Onboarding and Compliance

Tenurex offers frictionless onboarding process based on KYCC (Know your customer’s customer). The method is entirely digital, allowing correspondent banks to perform due diligence with minimal risk and no human steps.


Develop a robust and varied network of correspondent banks while demonstrating the efficacy of best market practice anti-money laundering (AML) programs.

With Tenurex, you can quickly create and distribute your digitally enhanced due diligence report and profile to interact with other correspondent banks in a productive way.

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Emil Holmberg
Sales Director